2022 Singapore Prize Winners Announced

Even during a global coronavirus pandemic, submissions for the 2022 singapore prize saw an upsurge. With 192 entries this time around, this competition honors books that have made a lasting contribution to Singaporeans understanding of their nation’s history.

Prof Miksic’s 14th century study was selected from five shortlisted books by a four-man panel comprising Chairman of the National University of Singapore East Asian Institute Wang Gungwu and academics Kishore Mahbubani and Claire Chiang. Wang said Miksic’s book had provided “the basis for an entirely new reinterpretation of Singapore in Asia”.

NUS’ Department of History created and launched in 2014 as part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations the inaugural Singapore History Award – administered by NUS’ Department of History – to honour Republic history. Every three years a winner will receive S$50,000 as prize.

Each category will also award regional winners in each region with a trophy and cash prize, with His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales bestowing this special honour upon them at the Earthshot awards dinner on November 2023 – where He will turn on the world’s largest indoor waterfall at HSBC Rain Vortex!

The Earthshot Prize, created by the United Nations Environment Programme and awarded annually since 2013, is a global awards scheme for organisations and individuals taking action to address some of Earth’s most pressing environmental problems. So far, over 100 projects from all around the globe have received rewards; PS1.5 million was given as grants this year alone!

Neo4j, an open source graph database technology company, was honored with this accolade for the second consecutive year by Asia-Pacific in their Graph Data Platform category.

At an event held at Singapore’s Ritz Carlton Millenia hotel, 10 winners were recognized for their contribution to global sustainability and for pushing innovation boundaries.

This year’s winners include alllkunila, innnpa and rma cureess as first-time winners; eight out of 12 winners include experienced authors such as Suratman Markasan, Wang Gungwu and Yeow Kai Chai – making a total of 12 authors! All MAP medallists must donate a portion of their cash payouts to their sports association for future training and development, with over 4,000 people attending the ceremony to witness this giving of giving. Winners also enjoy two-year event exemptions as well as entry into key Tour events. These teams will also be eligible to take part in the standard OWGR points formula based on field strength. You can view a list of winners here; winners will receive both a commissioned trophy and cash prize, in addition to being invited to attend London for a HOFS awards dinner on November 23.