Day: October 27, 2023

Hong Kong Prize Winners Announced

Hong Kong Prize is an award that recognizes outstanding individuals around the world who are making significant contributions. Winners receive cash awards and access to some of Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. Each year this prize receives thousands of applications; its goal is to encourage students to pursue their passions while expanding their global perspectives. If interested, applicants should carefully read all rules related to applying, then consider their academic achievements and extracurricular activities when making their submission.

The Hongkong Prize Literary Competition draws writers from around the globe. As one of few contests that celebrate Asian culture and history, its top ten finalists receive both a monetary prize and plaque at an awards ceremony as well as other perks. Before applying, it is imperative that applicants read carefully through its rules as there are specific criteria that must be fulfilled for eligibility.

Due to pandemic fears, organizers of the Hongkong Prize decided to hold their awards ceremonies at a studio rather than at their typical star-studded location. Winners were announced within 11 minutes from among 19 nominations in various categories – Better Days directed by Derek Tsang won three categories while To My Nineteen Year Old Self starring Jackson Yee won in three.

Justice Centre Hong Kong was named as the recipient of this year’s prize for civil society organizations. Their aim is to ensure no migrant is left behind on their path towards protection, justice and a dignified life – through community participation initiatives, research projects and psychosocial assistance services. Founded in 2007, this group has made significant strides toward improving welfare among migrants and their families.

This year marks the second time that Hongkong Prize has awarded five top performers, with one Hong Kong-based researcher developing liquid biopsy to enable doctors to more quickly detect cancers, while four winners represent artificial intelligence researchers exploring ways to use artificial intelligence for improving healthcare outcomes, including ways to use AI for anticipating illness and providing treatment of complex conditions.

As well as the Hong Kong Prize, the BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize recognizes young researchers for their contributions to scientific knowledge advancement in Hong Kong. This non-governmental merit-based award is open to high school graduates with at least secondary education who are citizens or permanent residents of Hong Kong, and aims to advance Hong Kong as a hub of scientific advancement by inspiring youth to follow their passions.

To be eligible for the HK Prize, scientists must have published an original article in a peer-reviewed journal or book by 1 January 2021 that was clinical, observational or epidemiological in nature and first-authored. Furthermore, this piece must not have been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.