Day: March 4, 2024

The Sidney Prize and Neilma Sydney Short Story Prize

There are numerous people around the world working hard to make an impactful difference in society, and their efforts should be recognized and inspired by others. A sidney prize serves to honor such individuals while encouraging others to join their cause. There are various types of sidney prizes with unique rules and requirements – it is wise to familiarize yourself with this before applying.

Since 1950, The Hillman Foundation has awarded Sidney Prizes to journalists who engage in investigative reporting and deep storytelling for the common good. Through their work, The Foundation sheds light on some of our time’s most pressing challenges – such as finding a foundation for lasting peace, accessing affordable housing, medical care and employment security for all, civil liberties promotion democracy promotion as well as combatting race or nationality discrimination – this has included book non-fiction pieces (book), newspaper pieces (non-fiction), photojournalism as well as online/opinion analysis journalism.

Yeena Kirkbright won this year’s Neilma Sydney Short Story Prize with her story ‘Camperdown Grief Junk’ which was published in Overland 2022. The judges would like to thank all entrants and wish them well in their future writing endeavours; winner will be announced each second Wednesday of each month.

The Sidney Prize honors Dartmouth Professor Sidney White who inspired students both inside and outside of his classroom, embodying Phi Beta Kappa ideals with each class taught and beyond. Recognizing student performance across scholarship, undergraduate teaching, and leadership for liberal education it will be awarded during Phi Beta Kappa’s Triennial Council Meeting to the winner.

The annual Neilma Sydney Prize provides young writers an exceptional platform to demonstrate their talent. Sponsored by Overland Magazine and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation, it awards one author a $5,0000 prize along with publication online and in Overland magazine. Judges are looking for original fiction loosely themed around travel – they will soon announce both the winner as well as two runners-up!

Winning a Sidney Prize offers many advantages for winners and local governments and organizations, in terms of recognition from local governments and organizations as well as using prize money for projects that benefit their community – this could include teaching children science concepts or encouraging them to explore scientific careers.

A Sidney Prize is an effective way of recognising those making positive contributions to society, while serving as an inspiration for others. There are various types of Sidney prizes; therefore, it is important to research them all before applying. Make sure you know all their requirements so your application will stand the best chance of being approved!