What is a Sydney Prize?

A Sidney Prize is an ideal way to recognize those working hard to help transform our world. These awards are decided upon on a national basis and may be granted for work with communities or contributions made towards science – rewarding those making an impact while encouraging others to do the same!

There are various Sidney prizes that can be awarded, and each prize has its own criteria for who should win it. For instance, the Sydney Peace Prize recognizes those who promote peaceful solutions to conflict – this award can be nominated by many different organisations, and serves as an excellent way to recognize their efforts and celebrate achievements.

The Sydney Prize Literary Award was founded in 2009 and given annually to writers attempting to further society-related understanding through writing or journalism. Judges for the prize come from all areas of publishing in America (magazines, newspapers etc). Each month a new winner is announced on Overland’s website; shortlisted works may also be featured there.

People around the world are doing incredible work to make life better, so it is vital that their efforts receive recognition. A Sydney Prize provides this recognition. There are multiple types of sidney prizes that can be won, each having different criteria for judging them.

This sidney prize, established in 2004, by New York Times columnist David Brooks and named after philosopher Sidney Hook, is awarded annually to outstanding New York Times columnists and journalists who take an investigative journalism approach towards serving society as their common good. Amanda Hess won this year for her piece on online sexism; additionally, there is also a monthly SS Sydney Journalism award given out by this foundation for investigative reporting that serves the common good.

Each year, Yale graduate students who exhibit promise and distinction in humanities or social science research or scholarship receive the SS Sydney Hillman Prize, named in memory of former director of Charles R. Dana Research Institute Dean Yale College SS Sydney Hillman who championed academic freedom and encouraged his students to challenge established dogma, but always with extreme caution.

Clay Sydney Ceramic Prize 2023, available to students enrolled at University of Sydney for excellence in their first two years of undergraduate study, provides students with an incredible opportunity to gain valuable experience and form connections with similar individuals. Open to residents from NSW as well as international students alike, applicants must meet eligibility requirements by 30 September; judges will consider creativity, originality and depth of analysis when making decisions about winning entries.