Day: May 1, 2024

A Hong Kong Prize Finalist Hopes to Encourage More Kids to Study Math and Science

hk prize

Hong Kong Student in Finals of Top Science Competition

A Hong Kong student who reached the finals of a top science competition is hoping that her effort will encourage more children to study math and science. Should she be successful, she stands to win both cash prizes as well as access to the city’s premier research facilities if she pulls off a big score – the competition begins March 1. It is open to Southeast Asian residents, mainland Chinese as well as people worldwide and begins March 1st

The Hong Kong Prize (HK Prize) is an independent science and technology innovation award sponsored by BOCHK to recognize scientists, researchers or innovative enterprises who have made scientific breakthroughs with significant applications and potential impacts to benefit society. Furthermore, it encourages young scientists in Hong Kong to remain dedicated to scientific exploration so that their discoveries benefit not only Hong Kong but the wider region and globe as well.

An independent review procedure has been designed to ensure the operation of the hk prize is conducted professionally, objectively, and fairly. Any organisation or individual seeking to exert undue influence over this review process is banned; finalist selection will be performed by an international review panel consisting of experts in their respective field; they will then be honored at an awards ceremony held on October 12th.

Raging Fire was awarded three of the top awards at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards: best movie, editing and cinematography. Donnie Yen played both lead role and produced, acting as both action choreographer and action producer as part of her team. Another popular movie Broad Daylight (based around reporting abuse at care homes) also took home three acting awards: two actresses Jennifer Yu and Rachel Leung won awards for their performances as reporters uncovering cases.

The Hong Kong prize is an amazing way to honor high school students’ hard work, and we hope it encourages more children to study math and sciences. If you’re curious to see who wins this year, visit the World of Winners splash page from March 1 onwards if interested and stay tuned for updates – good luck!