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Hong Kong government officials are considering expanding the definition of personal data to align it with GDPR in order to strengthen privacy protections for individuals. The change would apply to any data that identifies an individual, including information collected as part of daily activities. The aim is to give more protections while strengthening compliance measures for businesses that collect and process personal information.

If this definition is implemented, it will apply to data collected by businesses based in Hong Kong SAR or companies conducting operations here, making it harder for them to share it without prior permission from individuals. Businesses could incur an increased burden and hire additional staff members just for reviewing and revising privacy policies. Furthermore, under PDPO there will also be provisions designed to safeguard personal data against unauthorised access, processing, erasure, loss or use and to ensure it does not remain stored for longer than is necessary for its collection purpose.

Another proposed amendment to the PDPO requires data users to implement and adhere to a clear data retention policy, notifying data subjects about it upfront. This requirement would be particularly relevant for companies storing sensitive personal information like medical records or financial transactions or sharing it with third parties; giving people more control over their personal information while decreasing chances for data breaches that could incur fines or legal sanctions.

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